V-Ball Control Valves

PN16…PN40 / ANSI 150…ANSI 300

Available from size DN25 (1”) up to DN300 (12”), ecoflo-VBV  series V-ball control valves provide a high control accuracy in a wide range of industrial applications where the process fluids contain slurries, solid particles or high fiber levels.

Thanks to its design minimizing the dead flow zones between ball and body, therefore preventing the ball from getting stuck, these valves are very popular in paper & pulp mills and mining industries where it is difficult to handle the process fluids with other standard types of control valves.

Additionally, these valves can be used with any other utility application like control of steam, condensate, water, air, etc., with a high flow capacity and a high turn-down ratio due to their straight-through internal design.


  • V-notch ball design
  • High flow capacity
  • Equal percentage control characteristics over a wide control range
  • PTFE or metal seated versions
  • EN pressure classes of PN16, PN25 and PN40 or ANSI pressure classes of ANSI 150 and ANSI 300.
  • Wafer type or flanged connections
  • Leakage Class IV, V or VI
  • Materials and test certificates to international standards
  • Process temperature range between -30….+220˚C. Consult for different ranges
  • Provided with pneumatic or electric actuators
  • Manuel override as standard for electric actuators, and as an option for pneumatic actuators
  • Choice of analog or digital positioners of regulation service
  • IP66 to IP68 protection, ex-proof models
  • Ambient temperature range between-30…+60˚C
  • Optional position switches, air solenoids, lock-up valves, boosters, and other auxiliary accessories